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Yankee Stadium, The Polo Grounds, Griffith Stadium, Wrigley Field, and countless other homes for Major League franchises bring instant memories, both good and bad, to our minds. This website offers you the chance to own a piece of history by purchasing some of these historic relics from Yankee Stadium and other baseball parks of the past. Items for sale include stadium seats, pennants, signs, ticket stubs, and more.

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Yankee Stadium

With Yankee Stadium being demolished in Spring 2009, there is a ton of Yankee Stadium memorabilia still available to the public online, much of which can be found here. With the history that the park represents, it comes as no surprise that anything that can be sold as memorabilia will be sold. Any die-hard baseball fan would be interested in a piece of the legendary stadium.

In this type of atmosphere, even things like trash cans may go on sale. Urinals, seats, and other odd items are sure to be put up for sale, despite the oddity of selling a used urinal! Big money can be made by appropriating the items once housed in Yankee Stadium for sale to the collector’s market. Yankee fans and non-Yankee baseball collectors will both want to get their hands on a piece of Yankee history before they lose the chance.

Items as ordinary as the signs of the park will also be on sale. Lockers, used clothing, scorecards, and foul poles have become the new standard in baseball memorabilia collection. These items are usually sold from the team through dealers and agencies in a far safer environment than some other sports memorabilia. This is attractive to buyers, which adds to this type of memorabilia’s popularity.

Yankee Stadium has been selling memorabilia for years, especially after renovations, when items have been found in unlikely places. Now that the park is closed, anything and everything can be bought by fans and collectors to earn money for the team and their charity.

The tours are finished, the games are done, and the hollow shell that was Yankee Stadium is now gone. History’s greatest stadium was reduced to rubble on May 13, 2010.; luckily, owning your own piece of the stadium may help pacify the pain.

Buy Yankee Stadium Memorabilia

Football Fans

Although not a baseball stadium, we also feature items from Texas Stadium, which went up for auction in 2009.